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Disclaimer: Travo Connect does not share any information/data either of common user/travel agents/hotel or resort to any other third party for any other purpose or services except for which the seller or buyer has subscribed/registered with it and Travo Connect will not take any responsibility of any loss/inconvenience caused to the user of this website if arises out of any act or omission by the user of this website or by third party not exclusively authorised by the Travo Connect, during the course of browsing or using its website.

All disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of law courts at Faridabad, Haryana.

Terms and conditions/policy concerning Buyers/lessees:

  1. Travo Connect, facilitates the common user, travel agents and Hotel/resorts by providing a platform to find services of travel agents and hotels/resorts as per their requirement and requisition.
  2. Every user of this website/portal/platform is required to register itself at the web portal of the company i.e. Travo Connect.
  3. Every user (common user/travel agents/hotel or resort) is required to provide true and correct informations / profile to receive alerts/notifications related to the services as per their requirement and every user agrees to receive them.
  4. Every user is required to specifically mention the kind of services sought / required by it.
  5. It shall be duty and responsibility of the user of this website/platform to verify and satisfy itself with the genuineness with respect to the business/credentials/detail and informations as furnished on this website/platform, of other users and Travo Connect shall not be held responsible for such verification.
  6. These terms and conditions are not exhaustive and subject to change without prior notice.
  7. All disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of law courts at Faridabad, Haryana.

General terms and conditions and explanations:

  1. The service provider i.e. Travo Connect has sole and unqualified rights to discontinue/ modify/limit the business/ services and is not required to consult either common user / travel agents/ Hotel or resort or all of or any of them with respect to that right.
  2. Listing or posting of any requisition either by common user/ travel agent/hotel or resort at its website is the sole discretion of the Travo Connect subject to terms and conditions specified for that.
  3. Travo Connect shall not be held responsible if no business arises either to travel agent or hotel/resort or to common user or to all of them or to any of them, and no claim for damages or compensation shall be maintainable against it.
  4. It shall be the responsibility of users of this website/portal, as the case may be, to verify the genuineness and credentials of each other while dealing with each other. Travo Connect does not take any responsibility nor guarantees the users of its website.
  5. All disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of courts of law at Faridabad, Haryana.